Tips for Buying Kratom Under $100

Kratom is a supplement many people use for mental and physical health problems. Due to its effectiveness, users admire it and prefer it over most conventional medicines. You may have answers to questions like how to buy Kratom or how much you should take But buying Kratom may be a bit expensive if you’re on a budget, making you second guess your decision. But don't worry- we have some tricks to help you manage your Kratom supply under $100.

What Is Kratom Powder?

Kratom powder is the dried and powdered leaves from the Kratom plant. Kratom trees are native to the South Asian regions and got used as a supplement long ago. The natives utilized the crushed plant leaves to help them with pain, exhaustion, concentration, etc.

Hence, the products have gotten more attention in the States and are strong contenders in the supplement market. You can find it alongside CBD, THC, and other self-help natural remedies.

People have had multiple positive experiences with the product as it curbed their pain, anxiety, and other health issues. Even some preliminary research works display its potential as an analgesic or anti-depressant in users. With more upcoming research- we can expect Kratom to become mainstream soon.

Is Expensive Kratom Always Better?

Most people assume that if a product is expensive, it must have impeccable quality materials. But it needs to be an accurate statement for most sold products out there. Sometimes, an overpriced product is just a luxurious one, not necessarily better. And Kratom products also follow a similar pattern.

While using cheap Kratom products is risky, using expensive ones isn't advisable either. Instead, you can choose moderately priced products. You must not get the underpriced alternatives as they may compromise the ingredient quality.

However, you can get a decent pack of Kratom within a hundred-dollar budget. So, you don't have to spend all your money on buying Kratom and can enjoy its health benefits. Make sure to follow the given tips to save even more money on Kratom.

Ways to Save On Your Kratom Purchase

You cannot influence the price of the product itself. Since Kratom comes from overseas, you could expect a moderately priced product from the get-go. But what if you saved more money by using tips and tricks? We have you covered with a few helpful advice regarding Kratom purchase. These will help you save more money during buying and accommodating your products into your budget:

Sign up for the website

The first money-saving step you must abide by is signing up to the website using your email ID. By signing up, you may gain a coupon or a discount voucher as part of their new customer process. Most Kratom brands that are independent sellers offer such discounts. So, when you make your first purchase, go ahead and sign up to the website. You will receive the code by email, and you can use it when you checkout the order. However, this benefit is unique to online stores rather than physical ones.

Buy in Bulk

Yes, it might sound counterintuitive to buy Kratom in bulk, but hear us out. Buying in bigger packs helps you store ample money on packing and shipping. If you use the Kratom product regularly, bigger packets can save you tens and hundreds of dollars.

If you're buying in bulk, you may have to exceed the hundred-dollar limit initially, but it will last you considerably longer. Plus, you wouldn't have to pay for shipping on various occasions when you can store it in a cool place.

Get Available Coupon Codes

Some payment options may yield you cashback or discounts, while you could also avail of seasonal offers. Seasonal offers mean the promotional discounts provided by the companies near holidays. Coupon codes are often available on the online website checkout page. So you may get a sweeter deal towards Thanksgiving or Christmas week than you would on a regular day. You can monitor the rates to see the best time to buy and purchase to save considerable amounts.

Opt for Brands That Offer Free Delivery

Delivery is a hidden expense increase in your Kratom purchases. Some people have to spend nearly half of the amount to get it shipped to them. So why waste this money when some brands offer free delivery already?

Some brands offer free delivery on products exceeding a set price limit. But choosing such a brand can help you save yourself from unnecessary expenditure solely on delivery. You must check the details about the specific brand you wish to choose.

Buy The More Affordable Strains Available

The stronger or rarer strains often cost considerably more than the regular ones. For example, buying Red Dragon Kratom may cost you twice or thrice the amount you need for Red Bali Kratom.

Hence, the type of strain you choose affects your total price considerably. And even the more affordable variants are beneficial. Especially if you're new to using Kratom, you could go for a more known strain to test its effects on you.

What to Remember While Buying?

While the above tips are ideal for saving money, you must understand that very cheap products may be alarming. The FDA is yet to approve Kratom as a product, so there isn’t an official body controlling its quality.

Hence, the products you find in the market need to be controlled, which creates a possibility of low-quality products. So even though you're on a budget, try to look out for moderately priced Kratom products. Even middle-range products are relatively inexpensive and will last long.

Depending on your consumption, you may have to spend a varied amount. Ensure that you're assessing the product quality to get the best ones. It is not worth the risk to buy cheaper products, especially Kratom.


Kratom buying may seem simple online, but it has more to it. Even though Kratom is an imported item, it retails for a fair price. An expert Kratom user may have mastered the art of getting the best deal, but it takes some time and tips to do so. And if you use the above tips while buying, you will save more money. In conclusion, you can fit a hefty Kratom shopping session within your budget of one hundred dollars.

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