How To Use Buttonless Vape Pen
  • Rachel Connolly
  • 21 January 2021

A Beginner’s Guide on Buttonless Vape Pens

The vape industry is already growing at an unimaginable speed and introducing new devices to cater to the new age’s demands. The vape pens are also getting smarter with time and providing people with more ease. The buttonless vape pen is a refined version of standard e-cigarettes and removes the mandatory option of pressing the button to activate the device. 

Vapes come in various sizes and shapes as each individual wants a product that fulfills his/her requirements. We understand that people often feel overwhelmed by the plethora of options. We will share three different types of vape pens and a comprehensive beginner’s guide about buttonless vape devices.

The Definition of Buttonless Vape Pen

Its name is self-explanatory and states that e-cigarettes with no switches exclude the external controls, which a standard device uses to start the process. Many users prefer it over traditional mod because it eliminates the hassle of ignition and provides a normal cigarette experience. It mimics the traditional bundle with its automatic smoke drawing that starts the vape pen upon a pull.

It is the most smooth and effortless mode to smoke. A user might have different preferences for smoking applications, and this article will break down each and every point to make the entire process easy.

How to Use Buttonless Vape Pens

We will now present our readers with buttonless vape pen’s instructions to make them aware of its functioning.

STEP # 1: The device comes already charged in the box and is ready to smoke. Vapers need to detach the USB charger from the device.

STEP # 2: Now take the vape cart out of the packaging and remove the silicon thread covering its base.

STEP # 3: Now, the user has to screw the cartridge into the device.

STEP # 4: It is time to inhale the vape juice gently. Its tip will light up to state that it is operating properly.

STEP # 5: We will advise inhaling lightly for three to five seconds or more. Hold it in the lungs for a few seconds before exhaling. You will experience a little bit of smoke now.

STEP # 6: Repeat the process to enjoy a vape pen without any button.

Guide to Recharge the Vape Pen with No Button

The e-cigarette also requires power to work properly. It comes with a battery that needs to be recharged as per the use. Unscrew the cartridge to detach it and plug it into the charger.

Now plug the other end into the USB port of a charger or laptop to start the charging. Charge the pen for around 20 to 30 minutes. It is pertinent to mention that the e-cigarette will not take more than an hour to refill its power.

Attach it back into the device and start smoking.

This is the easiest guide to follow regarding the use of a buttonless e-cigarette.

Three Types of Buttonless Vape Pens

As mentioned earlier, the vape industry has introduced many styles to cater to every smoker's needs. For this reason, we will apprise our readers with the three most useful and common buttonless vape devices.


This list's first product is the 510 buttonless vape pen, also known as the universal buttonless vape pen. It is small in size and supports a stylus- or pen-style device. It is easy to carry and in demand for many years now. They are easily available and can be found at any regular smoke brand.

It has acquired its name because it supports all types of cartridges and also because it comes with a 510 threading battery. These products are handy and need to bolt to a cartridge inside to start the process.

It is valuable to inform the readers that it can be used with THC-concentrated cartridges, CBD cartridges and replaceable nicotine cartridges, and dry herb cartridges.

This device also comes with both multiple and preset temperature settings. It will vary from 3.2 to 4.2 volts. We would strongly recommend verifying its voltage before purchasing a cartridge. You can start at a low temperature and build your way up to a more optimum drag or pull.

All these features clearly state the reasons behind its popularity. It is a piece of excellent information to know that it has a multipurpose cartridge, which can be used with numerous concentrates. This universal vape pen is compatible with both THC and CBD cartridges.

Types of Cartridges for Universal E-Cigarettes

There are a number of unique cartridges available for your device. We have mentioned the prefilled cartridges to make smoking easier for people who are not professional yet. Besides beginners, we have also scratched up a list for advanced smokers.

Please know that the following list can be filled with the desired product to enhance vaping:

Coil or Mesh: This cartridge is recommended for nicotine-based concentrate.

Quartz: This type of cartridge is suggested to smoke CBD or THC concentrates.

Ceramic: It is great for those who are looking to smoke dry herbs or wax.

These preferences vary from person to person. You can find empty cartridges at an affordable price and are recommended to save on the cost following your regular smoke practices. Avail yourself of the aforementioned cartridges, depending on the material you will consume.


It is the most common buttonless vape devices which can be found even at gas stations. It has the same automatic smoke pulling operations as same as the universal e-cigarettes. They do not require much effort and can be smoked by just inserting the cartridge. However, we would advise you always to buy your product from a trusted brand.


Disposable vapes with no button are becoming more famous following the introduction of CBD material. These can be used right after taking them out of the box. Disposable buttonless vape pen lasts for approximately 300 pulls. It shows that a smoker does not have to replace the cartridge or recharge the device like the standard rechargeable vape devices. It is the fastest, easiest, and simplest form of smoking.

You can get any of these styles to start smoking. Please leave your comments below to inform us about your experience with these devices.

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