How To Refill Vape Cartridge
  • Rachel Connolly
  • 10 Febraury 2021


Vape pens have been riding the waves of success for the last decade and are not looking to slow down even in the future. Cannabinoids and marijuana are very convenient and reasonable to consume with the help of a vape. People use CBD for medicinal and therapeutic purposes as they contain less than 0.3 percent of THC – the psychoactive substance.

However, if a smoker wants to smoke vapes for recreational purposes, various vape juices are available.

People often buy new cartridges to refill their e-cigarettes, but it is good to know that refilling is more affordable than purchasing a new one. It all depends on how a vaper reloads them without shattering the product.

We will be sharing how to refill vape cartridges, refill a disposable vape pen, refill wax cartridges, and refill a vape cartridge, and several useful instructions. Read this comprehensive guide to reuse the cartridge for a smooth smoking experience.

Read the following points to know about the process and techniques of e-cigarettes.


You might believe that different vapes and their cartridges have the same use because of identical appearances and purposes. However, it is not true as there are e-cigarettes that operate seamlessly with a particular cartridge type. It is brilliant to examine the vape’s nature and class.

Likewise, the cartridges also vary in their nature and style. Refilling a vape cartridge is not a piece of cake, especially disposable ones. People may break the cartridges when trying to open them. That is why we advise the users to examine the device before indulging in this affair.

1. How to Refill a Vape Tank?

There are a few chances that the entire process might not go as planned the first time, and there is nothing to worry about. In the first step, we will inform our readers about refilling a vape pen cartridge. It is slightly more challenging than it sounds, mainly when the small parts are involved in the process.

Vape’s modernized appearance will try to deceive the user with complications. To refill the vape tank, the smokers have to detach the body from the e-cigarette mod. Users have to unscrew it by turning it anti-clockwise carefully. We would advise the readers to store all the detached parts in a safe container, so they are not lost in the end.

We do not want to give our readers false hopes, but it cannot be very pleasant and might require time and effort. We will advise you to keep on practicing to get your neck around this procedure. This learning will stay with you for generations once you get the better of it.

2. Twist Off the Mouthpiece

The first step in refilling the vape pens is to unbolt or unscrew the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette by rotating it counterclockwise at least thrice or more times. Please do not force it as some pens might not support refilling, and you will end up breaking it up.

Please read regarding the structure of the product now. Your item’s mouthpiece has a gasket - a mechanical part that seals the area between two or more conjugating surfaces – inside that compresses against tempered or toughened glass cartridges. There is a thread inside it that strongly holds the gasket, as it makes sure that the fluids do not face leakage.

Those anti-clockwise rotations have already loosened the thread from other ones that are placed in the middle. We know it is the most basic step, and many people know it already, but it is our duty not to spare any minor detail for perfect refilling.

3. Remove the Mouthpiece Easily

The subsequent step will allow the inner gaskets to move to the center pole. Smokers can shake it gently or give it another twist if it refuses to budge. The mouthpiece can easily be removed now. Please do not lose the mouthpiece as it is one of the fundamental parts of the vape. Place it somewhere safe as losing it will make the e-cigarette good for nothing.

We have already discussed the basic stuff, which was important yet boring. Here comes the exciting part now.

4. How to Fill a Disposable Cartridge & Vape Pen with Liquid?

We believe that you have already made a round to the flavor supplier and picked up the desired product. Avail the service of an eyedropper or a syringe to fill the cartridge with oil or fluids. The latter is a preferable choice as it prevents spilling during refill. You must carefully drip the juices down in between the center pole and the glass of the e-cigarette. Also, ensure that the cartridge is not being overfilled.

Please note that the vapers can attach the cartridge to the vape battery as it makes it easier to hold and control, reducing mishap chances.

- How to Refill Vape Cartridge without Syringe?

If our readers do not have a dropper or syringe, we can appraise our reader of a cheap way to refill the e-liquid. You can use atomizers – a device for emitting fluid into the machine – or put the dropper down and softly squeeze the juice into the device. You may push it back with tweezers or any other stuff if it starts to rise. You can store a great quantity of oil this way, but make sure to top off a little bit of the fluid. You are good to go now.

5. Screw Back the Mouthpiece & Cartridge

Once users are done with refilling the cartridge, they can screw back the mouthpiece. Gently put it back and close it firmly against the threads inside so you do not experience any leakage. It is mandatory because people are looking to smoke and not to spill the vape juice.

Lastly, now rotate the mouthpiece clockwise until it is tightly attached to ignore spilling or leakage. Do not be too strong on it; otherwise, it will break.

If you are a business and looking to fill a massive number of cartridges, you probably need a cartridge filling machine. It can be searched online or inquired about at the stores, and ensure you are availing it for specific uses, such as polycarbonate or regular dual-chamber cartridges. It can reconstitute the compounds and administer the product for proper dosage.


Before we shed light on how to be aware of when the oil cartridge is empty or how to empty the vape tank, it is important to realize when the device requires more e-liquid.

Putting in fresh oil inside when the cartridge still contains an old one is not a great idea. We would not suggest mixing juices as it is not known what taste you will get alongside their effect. So, empty the e-cigarette before refilling it.

If the cartridge is made with a transparent pyrex glass or a clear acrylic material, it can easily be seen with a naked eye that the cartridge is near to end and requires refilling. It is important to know that there always will be traces of vape juice within the coil, along with leftovers at the bottom.

In contrast, smokers are not able to verify the amount with pre-filled cartridges. An unpleasant taste or dry hit will hint at the emptiness of an opaque material. It can also be held in direct sunlight to check the amount of liquid in it.

- How to Know When Oil Cartridge is Empty?

It is the same as the standard vape cartridge and does not require any change from the aforementioned steps. It also does not produce any smoke and gives a burnt taste upon inhaling. That indicates the emptiness of the oil vape cartridge.

The simplest way to gauge the quantity is by its weight. A cartridge that feels heavy in hands and to the ears is full. You might be able to see the juice if you hold up the device in the light. Some manufacturers add a window on the side of the vape to easily measure the quantity. Moreover, some devices have lights that stop blinking upon puffing to indicate it requires refilling.

A stocked up vape will create a dense smoke cloud and will taste toothsome.


What possibly could be the reason behind refilling a disposable cartridge rather than purchasing a new one? The reason is simple: refilling feels inexpensive compared to buying new vape cartridges. Vape juice is relatively cheaper and comes in a better quantity.

Other reasons include environmental-friendliness as not buying new cartridges will result in less waste. So, this way, refilling counts as a good exercise.

With respect to wax cartridges, it can be refilled the same as the traditional flavors; however, the users have to gather a small amount of wax and store it in the chamber following the steps mentioned above. Reattach the mouthpiece and enjoy smoking.

Regarding the oil cartridge, there is no difference in oil vape cartridges too. You have to use a syringe and fill the cartridge the same as the previously mentioned points. Everything is refilled in the same manner, so do not sweat over different names. The real question that arises here is how many times a vape cartridge can be refilled?

- How Many Times Can You Refill A Vape Cartridge?

It entirely depends on how a user takes care of the device. However, it can be refilled between two to seven times. You have to take care of the device and refill it between these numbers. It can go below or above the given number, but it will start giving an unpleasant experience after a certain point.


It is pertinent to mention that if the vape cartridge experiences a clog that is hard to get rid of, ensure you are using the following methods to unclog it. You can warm your cartridge with the lowest heat settings, or you can even rub it with your palms to warm up the oil and alter its viscosity. Furthermore, you can unclog it by pushing it gently with a pin or small plastic or wood piece like a toothpick. Otherwise, the users might just need a new cartridge with a new flavor.


It is not rare if a vaper comes across leakage at some point because users are keeping or carrying a liquid-filled case all the time, and fluid somehow finds a way to get out. We understand that it is irritating and maddening, but there is nothing in this world that could not be done. Sometimes, even cleaning up the vape can do the wonder. However, if you experience continuous leakage, we will be sharing a few ways to fix the vape tank.

1. Tight It Up!

We will consider all the reasons in an orderly manner and see how we can tackle them.

Firstly, check if the cartridge is not loose, and both the top and base are properly tightened. The gaps or inadequately unscrewed devices can face leakage. Just be mindful of the tightness, as overdoing it will make it difficult to reopen and cause cross-threading. Mixing of threads inside will allow the juice to drip out of the cartridge.

Also, check if the coils are sitting perfectly, as unfixed coils can become another reason for spillage.

2. Load the Device Correctly

The filling is another reason why vapes leak. Improper stuffing of the cartridge can cause leakage of the oils. Please do not overfill the cartridge and ensure that an air bubble always floats on top. The air bubble helps in producing a vacuum that further assists in keeping the fluids safe.

Besides, if the vape needs you to unscrew the top for refilling, make sure you are not putting the juice down its chimney – a hollow tube that runs through the center – as it is not made to support oils and will consequently outflow it through the bottom.

We would suggest tilting the vape cartridge while stuffing it, as it is the same as pouring a fizzy beverage in a glass.

Note: Leave some space for air in the cartridge.

3. Measure the Mixture of Oil & Coil

You must know that the vape tank has a coil used to heat the juice and vaporize it. There are different resistance coils for different uses and intensity of heating. Locks with higher resistance are great for highly concentrated Propylene Glycol (PG) due to its thinness.

In contrast, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) that is thick compared to PG can be difficult to be supported by a coil. You have to inhale harder to smoke it, and it can cause e-fluids to pop out of the device.

On the other hand, if you use a coil with a low-intensity resistance, it can flood the coil as they are thick and have large inlet holes. It will spill out of airflow holes or through the mouthpiece and can trouble the vapers.

4. Vape Requires Vaping Puffs

Smoking the vape like a standard cigarette can also cause the e-cigarette to leak. They might be similar and have the same intention, but both are smoked differently. This is because cigarettes are already burning, so puff or drag it accordingly. At the same time, a vape requires more time and effort. It takes time to heat up and draw into the coils for vaporizing. You have to smoke the vape slowly and steadily with a long draw. Otherwise, it will not evaporate the oil and result in leakage.

5. Age of Vape Coils

Everything in this world has an age, and so does the vape coil. You have to change the rings after a while. Exhausting the curls can cause the vape to drip e-juice. If this is the case, it will not heat and vaporize the liquid accurately and may require extra force to draw on. It can also give an unpleasant, burnt taste to the tongue.

Make sure you check the coils if you suddenly face leakage. The atomizer head needs to stay healthy for a great smoking experience.

6. Inspect Mod Power Settings

Some vape devices have an option to change the settings. It is the responsibility of vapers to ensure that they have arranged the settings perfect for the coils. The atomizer head must speak about its power range. Do not overpower it. For instance, if it talks about supporting 5W to 15W of power, you must play in the middle, i.e., 9W or 10W.

Setting it too low will not produce enough vapor. It means you have to drag hard in order to smoke. This is another reason why vape cartridges leak.

7. Check for Possible Damages

This should not be suggested because it is the most common thing a person does when he/she experiences any problem. The vape tank might be experiencing some damages, cracks in the glass, or other reasons why the oils are escaping.

The vapes also have small rubber seals known as O-rings, which you can see while taking the bottom or top of the device off. The cracked O-rings will not give needed tightness and can cause oil leakage. Extra O-rings are usually given with the tank or kit, so examine the device for required replacement.

Rest assured. We would strongly advise buying a high-quality liquid that is safe for smoking or inhaling. Inhaling hazardous substances into the body can cause severe ailments. So, carefully and thoroughly consider your options before opting for a fluid.

We have pointed out as many ways as possible to refill his/her vape cartridge, along with mentioning why the product needs refilling and how it can avoid e-juice leakage. The packaging of such products also holds great significance. It would be best to deal with a well-known printing and packaging solution that can change the brand’s face and provide you with the top position in the market.

For whatever reason you are reading this guide to refill the e-cigarette, following the aforementioned five points will make everything smooth for you. We hope this article was enough to easily walk our readers through how they can be a master of refilling the product. Have a great smoking experience by quickly replacing the old flavors.

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