How To Open CCELL Disposable Cartridge
  • Rachel Connolly
  • 27 January 2021

A Comprehensive Guide on CCELL Disposable Cartridge

The introduction of CCELL technology in the vape industry has turned the world upside down. It has become an important creation with an efficient design and has revolutionized the market. We have to keep up with the latest trends and learn about this innovation to know if CCELL disposable cartridges live up to their hype.

What is CCELL Disposable Cartridges?

It has acquired its name because of its ceramic cartridge with a coil-embedded heating part. Ceramic Cell, also known as CCELL Technology, comes with a series of nano-holes, which allows a unique method for advanced level of absorption. It is a precision-crafted cartridge that offers even heat distribution with the help of ceramic material to smoke high-quality and most viscous oils.

You can also find refillable CCELL cartridges, and both CCELL disposable and refillable cartridges provide a supreme level of pleasure with even thickest concentrations.

The Structure of CCELL Technology

Our readers should learn that the CCELL vape device has two detachable components: cartridges and batteries. It is undoubtedly a revolutionary heating product that replaces the cotton wick material with ceramic heating technology for even heating and optimal airflow level. This is why the oil does not burn in the device. Its users will experience massive vapors with enhanced taste and user experience with CCELL vape cartridges.

How to Open CCELL Disposable Cartridge?

We shall now learn about opening a CCELL disposable cartridge for easy replacing of oil to keep the device safe and fresh. You should have a syringe kit that often comes with an oil recovery kit. Please know that fluid’s viscosity is not easy to pour out and can result in havoc for the e-cigarette. That is why a syringe is the best option for precision and smoothness. It is accurate and does not spill around.

The method to open a CCELL disposable cartridge is similar to opening a regular cartridge.

- We require a proper tool that can open the product without any breakage. It could be a time-consuming process, and using an apt tool will assert force with less effort to open the cartridge without any issue. A pair of scissors or pliers can be used too.

- We can use the aforementioned tools to enter into the little crease where the mouthpiece clamps on the device.

- Furthermore, the mouthpiece can be held tightly with the help of pliers. Our readers need to move it up and down repeatedly until a snap is heard.

- It can now easily be set apart.

Regarding refillable CCELL cartridges and how to empty it,

- Vapers need to unscrew the mouthpiece of the vape cartridge. It can be twisted off or rotated anticlockwise to open it.

- Once the lid is removed, use the syringe to suck up the oil.

- Try aiming a hairdryer to the cartridge at the low setting to change the liquids’ viscosity to make the process much easier.

- Now we can transfer the oil to a new container or store it in a safe place by syringing it out.

We should now learn about the CCELL Technology Battery and see how long it lasts with its charging time.

CCELL Vape Cartridges Battery

The soaring demand of vape cartridge batteries has presented a wide range of different battery styles and features. There are also counterfeit products in the market, which we should try to avoid.

Please know that two vape devices are not the same and require a specific battery to match their function. Readers should consider the battery size, portability, longevity, capacity, and temperature controls to find the suitable one for their CCELL Technology. Its compatibility should be the primary focus because most batteries go with 510 threaded cartridges – the leading battery type. Nevertheless, there are several battery types.

CCELL disposable and refillable cartridges have bid to build a user-friendly product that can encompass all types of batteries. They are pretty useful and as good as their tout. CCELL Technology has produced patented battery systems that promise reliability and durability. Users can enjoy an entire week of full vapor as it offers 25 percent more vapor amount than other devices. These patented batteries are recommended for CCELL cartridges.

CCELL vape batteries are spearheads of the vaping industry with quality performance, durability, and reliability. It has an outstanding balance between the size and performance of the battery with a high discharge frequency. Users can use both Palm and Silo batteries, which are acceptable with each CCELL Technology. It will give its user an unriveted amount of taste and throat hits.

We shall now compare both styles to see which is a batter option:

CCELL Palm Cartridge v. CCELL Silo Cartridge

CCELL Palm Vape CCELL Silo Vape
Battery 550mAh, 3.7v Li-ion rechargeable battery 50mAh, 3.7v Li-ion rechargeable battery
Dimensions 42 x 55 x 12.8mm 63 x 18 x 28.8mm
Activation Buttonless inhale activation Buttonless auto-inhale feature
Connection Magnetic connection (All vape cartridges) -
Casing Durable aluminum alloy casing Made with aluminum alloy
USB Type Charges with a micro-USB and a cable Charges with micro-USB adapters
Concentration Use Condition - Ideal for use with concentrates
CCELL Palm Vape CCELL Silo Vape
Pros Cons Pros Cons
State-of-the-art design Magnetic connector feels loose with some cartridges Remarkable battery performance Taller than CCELL palm vape cartridge
Ergonomic battery Sophisticated design 10 percent less battery time than CCELL palm device
Produce about 250 puffs with each charge Compact
25 percent more vape than other devices Robust
Provides discretion to the user Protected with body casing
25 percent more vape than other devices
Great durability


We have apprised our readers briefly with all the vital information regarding the CCELL Technology. CCELL disposable cartridges are experiencing a new light in the market for their premium quality. It gives a whole new experience to the user with elegant functioning. You can refill the devices and clean them to avail satisfaction.

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