How To Fix Vape Cartridge
  • Rachel Connolly
  • 03 March 2021

Easy Guide to Properly Fix the Vape Cartridge

It causes problems and frustration when a person experiences malfunctions in his/her device. That is why we have brought a detailed guide to resolve the most common and possible problems in the vape cartridge. We would recommend exercising our practices before replacing the cartridge.

Fundamentally, it is important to identify the problem which is stopping the device from functioning properly. Following is the list which might be causing troubleshooting problem to the e-cigarettes:


1. Vape Cartridge is Not Working with Battery

Please note that this issue arises when the battery connection is missing. It often occurs when the battery is pushed too far up into the cartridge’s base. The reason behind it could be tight screwing of the battery as it results in loss of connection and the heating instrument gets pushed deeper into the device.

You are advised to gently bolt the cartridge and battery until all the vape threads connect. Please ensure that you take everything out, connect them adequately, and test the device with the help of a charged battery. It will confirm the problem if the heating instrument is deep-rooted than the suggested place. Vapers can carefully pull the tool up with a clip or a knife and test again. Be careful with sharp objects as it can hurt both the device and the user.

2.Environmental Factors Causing Problems

Users often leave their electronic devices in high temperatures or to direct ultraviolet radiation, like the sun. It is a very common mistake, and exposing the vape cartridge to warm weather will impact its operations.

Similar to the battery of smartphones or laptops, which can experience faulty internal mechanics in a high temperature, the vape is also the same. It is not only for the hot weather but also the cold one too. You have to be mindful of the extremely high and low temperatures.

The vape e-liquid will become thick when it remains at a low temperature for quite a while. This will have consequences on the smoke pulling mechanics. You can wrap the cartridge in a plastic or any waterproof bag and put it inside a cup of warm water for a few minutes. Make sure the bag is waterproof as you do want the water to get into the electronic device.

3.Unable to Pull the Vape Smoke

Another problem many users face is improper functioning upon the pulling. You do not need to panic and check the battery level first because low charging levels will impact the pull. Moreover, you should set the device at the minimum volts if the device supports an adjustable battery. It is so because the incorrect voltage can also cause connection issues.


There is no deniability in the popularity of vape pens. Everyone is purchasing them because of various characteristics, namely affordability, versatility, and convenience. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vape pens get updated with the introduction of the latest technology. Owning this luxury also requires taking care of it and knowing how to tackle common problems that often occur.

In this part of the article, we will explain how to fix the cartridge and its parts by cleaning, including wires, to resolve connectivity and other problems.

Regarding the cleaning of wires, you need to detach the heating chamber to access the wires. We will suggest cleaning the wires gently with a soft brush. It will clear the residue; however, if there is an excess of filth on them, you can use dab isopropyl alcohol to clean the dust, wax and oil excess, and other filths. Moreover, a magnet can also be used to pull all the remaining metal wire fragments in the device.

It is significant to be educated about the vape device you are using. It will make sure that the e-cigarette is compatible with alcohol or water products. For instance, it is forbidden to use the aforementioned liquids on an oil vape device but can be used on a concentrate e-cigarette.

If the problem is with the coils, you can easily replace them to resolve the issue.


A clogged vape cartridge is another problem many smokers experience. It calls for the cleaning of the device. It requires the user to remove the oil chamber and clean the residue with a soft cloth or dry cotton piece. You should clean the other components, too, like the mouthpiece, coils, or cartridge. It could be a reason behind an improper functioning device.


1.Overpowered Vape

The most common cause behind a cartridge burning out is due to receiving too much power. Overpower can cause burnout.

2.Power Button Duration

Further in the list, the duration of pressing the vape button for smoking can also affect the device. The longer you hold the button, the more power reaches the coil. It is recommended to give coils enough time to cool down unless the e-cigarette demands extra power to produce vapor.


Burn out also depends on vape cartridge usage; either the user is continuously smoking or using a refillable cartridge. It is pertinent to mention that refillable ones also have an expiry date and should be used for stated times. You can also overdo them, but there comes the point where the entire smoking process becomes slow and susceptible to burnouts and several other errors.

4.Poor-Quality Production

It is understandable that every product is manufactured differently and has its respective quality. There are inexpensive ones too, but they are prone to more malfunctions as opposed to high-quality vaporizers, which last much longer. It is a smart move to invest in an expensive product than buying several low-quality products. It gets weary and annoys the users.


The users must check the air bubbles around the wick at cartridge’s base when the oil cartridge is not providing the hit. The air bubbles at the base thwart the oil absorption and make it challenging to smoke.

We would recommend heating the oil at a low temperature to push the bubbles and clear the way. Otherwise, you can also unscrew the mouthpiece to find a rubber piece under it. You can move the air bubbles by removing the piece once or twice, which causes pressure on it for clearing out the way.


Following the critical assessment and evaluation of the oil cartridge, it is time to learn about other persistent issues emerging in the oil cartridge or vaporizer. Either of the products is a problem. With respect to the oil vape cartridge, it is fixable and does not call for an easy replacement. However, some products demand nothing but replacement. For example, if the coils are not igniting, then you have to change it. Also, the heating instrument of cartridges cannot be repaired. The reason is that the oil vape cartridges come with an incorporated heating tool instead of a replaceable heating element. This decides the fate of the device.

Nevertheless, you can still extract the oil instead of throwing it away with the useless and dead product.


After learning the unfortunate news regarding the useless cartridge, you can spare the oil and use it in another e-cigarette. There are two simple ways with which you reclaim the remainder and transfer it to the refillable cartridges.


You need to have a syringe kit to extract the oil concentrate in its original form. Also, have a new container or cartridge where you intend to transfer the oil. Draw the e-liquid out of the broken cartridge with the help of a syringe after unscrewing the mouthpiece. Please make sure it is placed on a rigid and fixed place where it does not spill. Carefully draw the remaining oil and push it into the new container. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the liquid.

2.Dabbing E-Juice

Users can also dab the oil with the help of a needle. The simplest method is to let the oil drip out of the dead cartridge into the dab nail or parchment material. However, if you find the liquid to be dense and difficult to come out, heat the cartridge to loosen it up. Please do not overheat it as it will vaporize the product.


It is recommended to replace the vape device only when none of the aforementioned methods have worked, and you are still experiencing problems during the pull. The clear vape cartridges are also the same and require the same techniques for repairing. You have to take care of its thread and important components for a surreal smoking experience. Sometimes, the common solutions are not applicable, and buying a new device saves the user from all the hassle. Buy the product from a well-known brand to reduce the replacement and other issues.


In a brief, this comprehensive guide is for those looking to fix the vape cartridge without feeling the need to discard it. It covers all the essential aspects and provides information to repair the vape cartridge at any time.

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