How To Clean Vape Pen
  • Rachel Connolly
  • 02 February 2021


Everyone wants to experience a product as they did for the first time, but nothing stays as fresh as a first-time experience.

However, it is quite possible when it comes to vapes. It is not as easy as it seems, but vapers can pull it off without any hassle. We will inform the users on how to clean a vape pen.

An e-cigarette will provide its user with surreal hits upon purchasing. However, after a month or two, it will begin ruining the smoking pleasure immensely.

It is important to note that regular cleaning of the vaporizer can avert common episodes that spoil the smoking experience. It not only maintains the flavor and smoking performance but also prolongs the vape life.

We have written a comprehensive guide on how to maintain and clean a vape pen to ensure supreme performance.

How to Clean the Vape Pen?

We will share two simple ways to clean the device without any hassle. The first one requires the user to clean the vape every time the device is used. It means that a smoker can clean the e-cigarette whenever it is used. It hardly takes one to two minutes and avoids time-consuming methods.

The other procedure will require deep cleaning that a smoker can perform after every one or two weeks. We would suggest deep cleaning when moving to a different liquid or switching strains. It gives an entirely new life to the device.

  • Regular Cleaning

You must keep a small brush to perform regular cleaning. These brushes often come with the device but if you do not receive one, get one with an electric razor to make the cleaning experience thorough. Do not just use any brush but make sure its bristles are firm and can get rid of hard residue stuck inside. Likewise, cotton swabs or other cleaning tools can also be used.

Please take all the stuff out of the vape chamber and use the brush to clean the plant substances and other residues, along with dusting the mouthpiece. Clean everything scrupulously with a brush and wipes to take pleasure in smoking.

  • Deep Cleaning

This is going to be brief and requires proper attention from our readers. Firstly, we would advise to gently tap or stroke the device to extricate and eliminate any substances stuck inside. It can be done on any rigid surface or board. This way, even if screens get out with the tapping, we will not lose them.

You have to open the vape pen now to clean every part easily. You must have a brush to clean the device. Users can also use a pipe cleaner to scrub the insides.

If the e-cigarette supports a removable heating chamber, you should dislodge them and wipe them clean separately.

It is time to clean the threads as they can also gather all the garbage in them. Pick a cotton swab and coat it with rubbing alcohol for a cleaner experience. Use the cotton swabs to clean the threaded tip of the heating chamber by flipping it around. Once you are done cleaning it with the wet side, turn it around, and use the dry side to dry the threading. Use multiple wipes to clean the threads completely.

This part needs our readers’ focused attention as it can significantly impact the vape pen performance. Gather all the glass or metal screens and pieces of the device and soak them in isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for about half an hour to remove any harmful substances stuck on them. Take them out after they complete their time in the cleanser, and polish them before leaving them for drying.

Screw back the e-cigarette now and use it like you are smoking a new vape.


If a vaper faces any difficulty in dragging the smoke, it is probably due to the faulty mouthpiece or screen. Warming the device before cleaning it up will make the entire procedure smooth and swift as it heats the debris attached to the device’s heating chamber.

We strongly advise neither pouring alcohol or water on the vape nor soaking them because the fluids can seep into the machine and damage the device. A user has to be careful about not damaging the circuitry parts even with the cotton swabs.

These tips and techniques are enough to increase the device’s lifespan and give a seamless and enjoyable experience. Regular cleaning is quite simple and does not take much time, but deep cleaning is recommended now and then for a luscious time with the vape pen.

Reasons Behind Cleaning the Vape

We all know that e-cigarettes give a more clear and pure smoking experience as opposed to standard smoking. A vaper can use herbs and other materials instead of tobacco and tar that contain harmful substances. Vape also has toxic substances, but they are relatively less in number as compared to a cigarette.

Sticky residue can remain inside the machine and will be amassed in it to slow down the vape. That is why users need to clean the vape pen regularly.

  • Improved Taste & Performance

As we have mentioned earlier, the more you vape, the more residue the e-liquid will build inside the device. After forming a clog in the vape, it will block the heating chamber and vents and can also cause damage the coils. That will result in bad performance with an unpleasant taste. A vape pen user has to keep it clean from time to time to enjoy the e-flavors at their best.

  • Give More Life to Your Device

The life of an e-cigarette will decrease drastically if the vaporizer gets shrouded with a mixture of resin and plant elements. If a person keeps smoking the vape pen without cleaning, it can irrevocably damage the vaporizer after a while.

  • Healthy Life with Healthy Vape

The heading must be contradicting its health aspects, but the residue can also give birth to bacteria and other germs. It can cause many ailments like respiratory problems or even become a source of irritation. Persistent ignoring from the user side can lead to severe diseases in the coming times. That is why the device needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid the aforementioned conditions.

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